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Partnership at the Heart of All We Do

Choose EdAlly Consulting for your professional development and consultation needs. 

The EdAlly Difference

At EdAlly Consulting, we believe that partnerships are the keys to success. That is why we partner with schools, nonprofits, and other organizations to develop, monitor progress toward, and, ultimately, reach measurable goals. Driven by your mission, vision, and values, EdAlly will partner with you to create simple and feasible models for sustainable positive change.

Our work is built on shared facilitation methods that affirm the unique identities of the organizations and individuals we work with. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, EdAlly will customize solutions that will fit your needs and build capacity within your organization.  


Professional Development

EdAlly offers customizable PD options including, but not limited to single-day and multi-day workshops and seminars to professional learning community (PLC) facilitation that spans weeks or months. Contact EdAlly Consulting to learn more about ways we may help you or your organization meet educational, diversity, equity, or inclusion goals!   

Instructional Coaching

EdAlly offers instructional coaching services to individuals or teams of educators. EdAlly will work with educators to create more inclusive learning spaces and equitable outcomes for all learners. Specific areas of focus may include daily lesson planning, backward design unit planning, assessment-writing, using responsive and restorative strategies to build positive class culture, and more!  Contact EdAlly Consulting to learn more about ways we may support your efforts to build capacity in you or your team!

Institutes/ Cohorts

EdAlly believes in the power of shared deep learning experiences. EdAlly offers several cohort-style workshop series. Contact EdAlly Consulting to learn more about the cohorts we currently offer or ways we may customize options for your group or organization!

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